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Prices for DJ Hire and Mobile Discos

When you are looking for a DJ, there can be a temptation to go for the cheapest that you can find in order to cut costs. However, the fluctuation in prices of mobile DJ’s of anything between £150 and £1000 takes into account the experience and expertise that the DJ can bring to your event; therefore the cheapest option may be the most inappropriate.

Typically, wedding DJ’s have a higher price tag as the preparation work that goes into making a wedding disco extra special is time consuming. The DJ will also commonly bring extra lighting and decorations with them to make the venue stand out more, as well as spend time liaising with the couple before the big day to ensure that they get the perfect playlist for them.

Cheaper DJ’s tend to be those who are new to the business and so have little experience; although this is not to say that they will be any less enthusiastic about the job in hand. Cheap DJ’s are perfect for smaller and more informal events e.g. a birthday party in a small pub.

There is a common misconception that a DJ gets paid for the 4 -5 hours that they are playing for, however far more work goes into every set that you may think.

The nature of being a mobile DJ means that time is spent loading equipment in to vehicles, driving to and from the venues and setting up and packing up the equipment. This all takes time; as does sorting out playlists prior to the event and having meetings with the organisers.

There are also costs associated with being a DJ, from insurances and PAT testing certificates to the cost of purchasing music and fuel. It is clear then that the amount that you pay to the DJ does not constitute profit for them.

The usual working hours for DJ’s are evenings, weekends and bank holidays such as Christmas and New Year; these unsociable working hours should be rewarded.

Ultimately then, the price of mobile disco hire depends upon the DJ’s skills, experience and what extras they bring with them. For some events a cheap DJ may be appropriate, whilst for larger and more formal events then it is worth paying a premium price to ensure great service.